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emailing for what seems like  YEARS. After months and months of corresponding with Jess, I felt like I knew the girl! As I waited for Bob and Jessica at a small, quaint cafe in Shepherdstown, WV, I thought about how crazy it is to email with someone for SO long and then FINALLY meet them. Maybe it’s just me but I do this thing where I imagine what a person looks and sounds like based on the way they type in an email! That’s all I have to go by and so I had a preconceived idea of Jess’s personality before I even met her!  As SOON as she walked in the door I could  tell that she was exactly how I pictured her. Beautiful, bubbly and a little ball of energy!!

That’s exactly the type of bride I needed on a 105 degree day! She kept us going and she was the one walking in HEELS!! We walked up and down the streets of this adorable town that they call their home and shot some gorgeous images of this amazing couple. These two have dated for a WHILE and so it’s an exciting step to be taking it to the next level!!  As we walked and talked, I found myself thinking “Gosh I have amazing couples!!!”…. and I really do. I’m so blessed to work with brides (and grooms) that care so much about the quality of their photography that they’ll do just about anything for a great shot…. even if it means sweating to death!  We made it through the hottest part of the session and then finished up right as the storm was blowing in. Perfect timing!


I really cannot WAIT to see these two again on their wedding day! I texted Jess after the shoot and told her to consider changing her date so that I didn’t have to wait so long!! Seriously, Bob and Jess are just as awesome as they look. :) Enjoy my favorites and get excited for their beautiful wedding next year!!

How much do I LOVE Jess’s shoes?! Oh I LOVVVVE THEM! I think I need a pair… or two. j/k…. But seriously.

NICEE!!  I could photograph these two ALL DAY!

Jess you are beautiful!! 

A favorite!! 


I LOVE all of these with the burnt orange wall! Just a great find! 

Bob…. nice job sir! Such a gorgeous ring!

Love them…

I was so impressed with Bob’s modeling skills… especially in 105 degrees! Yay for amazing grooms!!

And we snuck down to the river REALLY quick for a few more before the storm…

And then the heavens let loose! ha! Love this.

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