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Thanksgiving trip to Michael’s Aunt Susan and Uncle Ed’s home in Charleston, WV we took some portrait’s for Michael’s cousin… and when I say “we”… I mean that I took the pictures and Michael followed me around distracting all of the dogs so that they wouldn’t join in the picture! ha! It was by far the fastest senior session I have EVER done in my life. I should have timed myself because I’m pretty sure I beat the Senior Session world record. Will’s pictures were done in about 15 minutes! It helped that Susan has a beautiful yard! Doing senior portraits for a boy is so different than shooting portraits for a girl. Girls get into it….like REALLY into it.

We’re talking 4 outfits changes, poses, serious faces, etc etc. For Will, I could have taken 3 pictures and he would have been more than fine with that! So I tried to make his portraits as pain-less as possible and in 15 minutes, we were done!! We even did a few family shots too! I felt like I had accomplished SO much in SO little time. That’s a great feeling! …. Speaking of accomplishing things… I have a HUGE to-do list sitting right here between me and my diet mountain dew and it’s calling my name. So I must go but enjoy a few favorites!!

He’s a cutie! and super photogenic!


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