We're Off the Grid!

  • Party Barge 2014

We are officially off of the grid! What does that mean?! No internet… maybe a few moments of cell service via WIFI but other than that, nothing! That’s the beauty of a cruise! You’re off in the middle of the sea and if you need the internet, it’s going to cost you… big time! So if you need me, you’ll have to wait until we return. :) We are SO excited about this week!!! We were sitting around with Bud and Jill and talking about our 2014 vacation plans. We thought about going back to the west coast.  We even threw out the idea of Maine or even Costa Rica!

We were all over the place! …. And then we saw that cruises were going for AMAZING prices!!! Buddy and Jill hadn’t really been on a real cruise and Michael and I love it so we talked them into going!! Then we realized… “Why not invite several couples that are available and who want to celebrate the end of wedding season?!” So now we have a super fun group of amazing friends all coming together in Miami, boarding a massive ship and heading out to sea for a week of fun, sun and NO WORK!!! So if you need us, we’ll be in touch once we return, if you see a post go live on Facebook, it was pre-scheduled and if you’re wondering if Michael and I are finally getting a break…the answer is YES! :) YAY!!! Happy Monday everyone!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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