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Well, as you read this post…I am in somewhere in Charleston, SC.  Well, hopefully I’m in Charleston. My friend Steph and I are driving down tonight (Thursday night) and I will be shooting two sessions there this weekend. I’m really not the BEST with directions. Michael usually drives so I’m hoping we get there ok:).  I’m excited! Steph and I casually said that we were going to take a road trip back in college but it never really happened….but it’s happening now! … in like an hour! I’m soooo not ready. I haven’t even packed! I’m so thankful she’s joining me since Michael can’t make this trip.


So I wanted to pre-blog a few GOOD THINGS before I left!


1. Random, last minute road trips with college roommates… this is going to be so much fun!


2. Cute, Totally Unnecessary water bottles: I bought a teal water bottle only because it was cute. Target got the best of me. I bought it because it was teal and I thought “It’s so pretty, I’ll definitely drink more water if I owned that”.  That was a lie….but it really is cute though… and it’s definitely worthy of a “Good Things” title.


3. Our Mattress: It’s SO comfortable. I’ve NEVER experienced a GOOD mattress until we bought this one. It’s a Sleep-to-Live mattress and we would recommend it to anyone!


4. Saying “No”: Ok, this one is hard for me. I’ve learned the hard way that saying “no” to things and not over committing my life is the best way to live. I spent YEARS saying “YES” to everyone who asked me to do something. I’m a people pleaser and I was SO afraid of letting people down that I sacrificed my own happiness in or to make others happy. I can’t do everything and I have to accept that. So, with that being said, I am completely booked for the rest of 2011. In order to give the rest of my 2011 clients the attention they deserve and make sure I have enough time for 2012 couple’s e-sessions, I’m not accepting any more portraits besides those that I have previously booked.  I’m also doing this so that I can have time to plan a workshop and make some business changes and enjoy life with my husband and family. Saying “No” is so hard for me but it’s most definitely a GOOD THING!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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