• Welcome to Jamaica!

There’s a first time for everything. My first wedding was a little over two years ago…it was hott, it was sticky and it was with Jessie! If you had told me on that day in two years, we would be hanging out in paradise together, preparing to shoot our first destination wedding together… I would have laughed in your face. LOUDLY!  This wasn’t even on the radar. When my blackberry buzzed back in January with Jennifer’s email, I almost wrecked the car! (Yes, I checked it while driving… bad bad bad, I know).  I was estatic but I didn’t get my hopes up.  This wouldn’t really happen…. would it? Could I really have a fantastic bride that would want me to come all the way to Montego Bay, Jamaica to shoot her wedding and celebrate with her wonderful family? Even after she booked, I couldn’t believe it. I was so honored.

Jessie and I arrived Thursday and we have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves! The beaches, the weather, the food. It’s been a great time of relaxing and just enjoying each others company but tomorrow is the big day! We will be capturing Jason and Jennifer’s beautiful wedding tomorrow afternoon and we couldn’t be more excited! This is such a new experience for us! We’ve never been to Jamaica before and we’ve NEVER had the opportunity to shoot a such a small, intimate wedding. It’s going to be fabulous! Wish us luck and keep an eye out for a tropical sneak peek tomorrow night!


Aw… Love this! Its reminds me of our amazing Mission trips to Eluethera, Bahamas. The kids, the water, the HEAT! I miss that place!

The lobby has this super cute peacock pillow!! Not only do they have peacocks on the pillows, there are LIVE PEACOCKS walking around everywhere! ahh!!!

So… I made Jessie model so I could see how the light was… I’m a horrible photographer! I didn’t even notice that hut in the background…it makes for a great hat.

Then I modeled… pretending to be a bride….well I am a bride! Jasmine, I swear I’ll be a better model for you! promise:)

oh goodness.

Our friend… that wouldn’t talk or sing… he only squawked… loudly.

What a tough business trip, right?

To the right… those are my HAPPY FEET! Cheesy, I know. Just humor me.

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