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Oooh. Doesn’t that title make you wonder “Oh dear, what has KK done now!”  No, I didn’t set up a garage styled wedding decor in the backyard. Although that would be fun! I actually shot another event for Party Perfect last Friday and I was so intrigued by the theme! It was so unique and modern and while it definitely isn’t my style, there are so many fun ideas to pull from it!

The centerpieces were varied flowers and incorporated cacti! They were wrapped in metal and tied with grungy metal bands.  The simplistic approach worked so well! This event is proof that you don’t need a TON of  flowers or enormous centerpieces in order to tie in a theme and simple = cheap! So if you’re a bride-to-be or one of those faithful blog stalkers that is planning your wedding 5 years in advance (you know who you are!), enjoy these wild ideas!!

Really? Who would ever think to do that?! I love it! So creative!!

And then! I went to the bathroom! And guess what was in the bathroom! … These awesome flowers!!!!!

If you haven’t already! VOTE VOTE VOTE! We only have HOURS left!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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