Lightbulbs? Really?

  • Wedding Wednesday

It was actually several months ago when Michael walked in the house and found me tearing apart a light bulb with a pair of needle nose pliers.  He immediately told me to stop! Looking back, I realize it wasn’t the safest Wedding Wednesday idea I had ever tried. I saw this idea on a blog a while back and thought it looked fun and simple and CHEAP! So I tried it.  Evidently it isn’t that simple to cut out the inside of a light bulb. Michael had to Google it to find directions.  I gladly handed the pliers over to him and he finished the job.

So even though this is a super cute way to decorate trees or shrubbery at a reception or ceremony… it may take some skill and some time!! But hey! It never hurts to share an idea! Enjoy!

xoxo, Katelyn
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