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Who says your centerpieces need to cost an arm and leg?! There are SO many ways to cut costs but still have  beautiful and unique wedding decor.

The credit of this whole post should go to my roommate Mandy who brought home a ton of apples yesterday from the dining hall! I saw them sitting on her desk and my mind started wondering.  How cute would it be to decorate with apples?! I’ve seen so many cute ideas on some of the wedding blogs I mentioned on last week’s post.  Normally at weddings, especially large budget weddings, the centerpieces are large vases overflowing with masses of fresh flowers. While these displays are beautiful, they involve huge amounts of $$$! Why not use some not-so-normal ideas that are cheap and make your centerpieces unique!

It’s easy to plan a centerpiece idea when you have a theme to build off of.  If this display existed at a real wedding, the theme would most likely be “Country Apple”.  Doesn’t that have a cute ring to it? Any 2010 brides that are looking for wedding theme ideas, feel free to steal this one! So, I started with the apples as my dominant piece of the whole display.  Everything else worked around them!

Here are the ingredients:

– Twigs from the driveway!

– Vase from our living room

– 7 apples

– 2 vintage frames from the Thrift Store ($3 each)

The awesome thing about apples is that you could re-do this whole display with green apples! It would have a TOTALLY different look!

xoxo, Katelyn
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