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Don’t you just love finding an outfit and shoes and jewelry that just WORKS! You know what I mean… they don’t totally match but they coordinate so well that it makes you look in the mirror and quietly think to yourself…”Nice!!!” Well that doesn’t happen too often for me but when it does, I’m just so proud of myself!


Coordination on a wedding day is actually easy to do but brides get so concerned about everything “Matching”.  One of my favorite weddings, NOTHING matched! And it looked absolutely awesome! Just using the same color palette and theme can go a long way.  So what if the ties don’t match 100%…it will probably look cooler if they didn’t!


This shoot was from the VA beach bridal shootout that I attended a while ago and I just LOVED how the details from this shoot coordinated.  They look great together but they aren’t 100% the same color… especially not the table shots! It just goes to show that sometimes, we need to be ok with just coordinating… not “matching”! I’m trying to practice what I preach with my own wedding! I’ll have to post about that one day soon! Enjoy!

xoxo, Katelyn
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