Backyard Boutonierres

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Sometimes shortcuts are a bad thing. Like when you’re baking for instance, you can’t just substitute random ingredients and still have a great final product! You have to follow the rules.  However, when it comes to wedding details, who says you HAVE to use a professional florist? or buy a $3000 dress?! or even have a traditional reception?! One of my all time favorite weddings was a dessert reception and it was fabulous!

Anyway, don’t get me wrong, professional florists with a creative eye can totally TRANSFORM the look of your big day! I recently worked with Holly Chapple for Laurie and Matt’s BEAUTIFUL Whitehall Manor wedding this past weekend and let me just tell you, her bouquet was amazing! I can’t wait to show you! So paying for professional floral design is definitely worth the investment but what if you’re creative and you’re on a tight budget? Backyard boutonnieres are the way to go! I cheated a little bit and used a beautiful lily from an arrangement my sister sent me! Other than the lily and the peacock feather, the other materials were from the backyard! It literally took 5 minutes to pick some random twigs, flowers and tie them together! This is the perfect solution if you’re wanting to cut some costs.  I will try to offer some more ideas in some future Wedding Wednesday posts! The possibilities are endless!

Final product! Isn’t that fun?!

xoxo, Katelyn
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