The Candy Bar Re-Vamped

  • Wedding Wednesday

Have you ever heard that term used to describe items that have been slightly used. Well, today I am labeling these apothecary jars as “previously loved”. You may recognized this little collection of glass because it was formerly known as the 101010 Candy Bar (my favorite station at the reception!)  It was filled with teal m&m’s, yogurt covered raisens, chocolate caramel balls and vanilla mints.  It was beautiful.  However, like everything else from 101010, after the festivities ended they reclaimed their position in the basement of my parent’s house. Last weekend Michael and I went home to visit and I came back with a CAR LOAD of stuff!

(If you could see how tiny our little house is, you would understand how ridiculous it was that I keep bringing back MORE STUFF! We have no where to put it all!) ANYWAY, I decided to save these beautiful jars from their cardboard box home in the basement and find a way to use them for Christmas! This was easier than I thought. Without spending more than $4, I created a little winter tablescape for the kitchen.  I bought a bag of pine cones from walmart for $4 (they smell like Cinnamon!) and used unwanted Christmas ornaments to fill the rest! I love it. Now Michael may come home from work today and say “is all of that really staying on the kitchen table for the next month?!”…. and my answer will be yes, yes it is because it’s pretty! and it’s Christmas time! and you can have obnoxiously large displays at Christmas time and get away with it!! Right?  Anyway, if any of you past brides have any decor left over from your big day, be create and re-use some of your “previously loved” stuff! It’s fun and it’s a huge $$$ saver!  Happy Wednesday!


Ps. I tried taking these shots in the kitchen without showing too much of the walls because they aren’t DONE yet! I have like 32 frames to fill… once they are filled, I’ll feel a little better about showing the house:) It’s a work in progress!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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