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When we’re shooting a wedding day, Michael and I know our roles. After years and years of shooting together, we’ve learned that there are just some moments that I could be present for and other moments that Michael should cover. The recessional is one part of the day where we have VERY separate duties and we ALWAYS follow the rules. We have a rule that during the recessional, I’m shooting directly in front of the couple, walking backwards and Michael is shooting from the side. After the bride and groom recess, this is where our roles switch in a split second!

After the bride and groom exit, I turn and start shooting them and I follow them to capture their first few minutes together. If they decide to slip away just to be alone, I respect that. However, most couples huge, cry, kiss and then they hug, cry and kiss some more once their parents, grandparents and bridal party arrives to congratulate them! This is a BIG MOMENT FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS. This is where you capture “candid” at it’s best! I believe the main shooter, the most EXPERIENCED shooter should be the one following the couple and capturing these sweet moments. Michael’s job is important too but it’s more controlled and repetitive.

I recently shared in a newsletter that my FAVORITE recessional lens is the 35mm because it allows me to capture movement AND it preps me for the big hugs and kisses that will be taking place right after the bride and groom recess!

So if you’re a main shooter, make it a priority to be present for these sweet moments! They are so very special to your couples!!! Here are some examples from David and Allie’s amazing day!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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