• 2012 Money Pics

Some have asked what exactly determines a “Money Pic”? Perfect light? perfect composition? Amazing exposure all together? Maybe. I’m not really sure to be honest. There are just some images that give me a feeling. That feeling could be caused by numerous things. Maybe the composition is perfect…. maybe the light is amazing… maybe it’s a money shot because it has emotional value… maybe it’s because I took nothing and made it turn into something amazing….It could be that “Money Pics” are selected because the represent me trying something new… maybe I pushed the limits a bit…….

maybe it was a split second of emotion and I caught it right before it slipped away. I’m not sure what constitutes a “Money Pic”….. but I what I DO know is that I was blessed to have several of them this past year!! Money Pics are those images that keep you going… they are the shots that inspire you and push you to be a better photographer! I’m so excited to share some of my money pics from my 2012 weddings!!! Enjoy!!

Love this shot. Callie’s sweet mom lost her battle with cancer only a few short days after the wedding. I re-learned what it means to be a photographer while photographing this amazing wedding day. Callie, it was such an honor to be there. 

These were taken in a church conference room.


We were running out of light … the sun set like 20 minutes prior but this ended up being one of my favorites from their day! 

In a little cabin full of bridesmaids and hairspray, this little spot of light was my saving grace

Leaving their ceremony! Love this.

Kiss during their ceremony.

2 minutes before the heavens let loose!




New bridesmaids pose…




xoxo, Katelyn
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