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are attending multiple graduations for some of our kids. (If you’re new to the blog, Michael is a Youth Pastor…we don’t have 60 kids of our own……well we kinda do… it’s hard to explain).  So This Wedding Wednesday is going to be short and sweet! I had something else planned but that will have to wait until a week when I’m not editing TWO weddings and shooting two sessions and going to graduations! Today is a good post because it’s showing you how a $10 STAMP can totally transform your wedding!! I LOVED Nikki and Alex’s wedding from this past weekend!


She made everything look so organic and classy and SIMPLE. I love SIMPLE when it’s done the right way! One way to do it right is to be CONSISTENT. Consistency creates an overall “LOOK” to your wedding.  It’s the same when it comes to branding too.  If you’re not consistent, people will miss the “look” you’re going for. Nikki mastered this consistency thing! By investing in one stamp, she created a “look” for her wedding! I loved it! She used this “Love Birds” stamp on everything! It was on the programs, the recipe booklets, the cookie jars, etc. She even used the design of the birds on the signs that were at the end of the driveway! This stamp was like their wedding “Logo”.  So brides out there…. if you want consistency, find a “Look” that you love and stick with it!!! If you’re lucky, you’ll find a cute little stamp that will transform all of your details!:)

This love birds theme even inspired this cute cake topper!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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