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the kind of people that make you feel comfortable as soon as you’re around them? Well last year, I met an amazing couple named Bob and Jess who had those qualities. During their wedding day, we came to realize that ALL of their friends were that way! What a lucky couple!! So fast forward one year and I received an email from Kim. She explained that they are best friends with Bob and Jess and that they were getting married! My first thought was “YES!!!! All of Jess’s friends are so welcoming, sweet and GORGEOUS!”. I was so right about these two. Not only are they a beautiful couple, they are so much fun to be around!

Michael and I loved walking around DC and chatting with the two of them. We always know we’ve found a good match when Michael starts chatting it up with the groom and I’m 10 steps ahead talking with the bride! We could have hung out with these two for another two hours!! Their energy and love for one another is contagious and I had to laugh because they showed up saying that they were going to need a lot of help in the “posing” department! You don’t have to look very far into this post to see that that is simply not the case!! They are incredible models and Michael and I cannot WAIT for their wedding day! Let me just say this… it will be unlike anything I have ever shot before!! I hate that we have to wait all the way until 2015!!

So enjoy some of my MANY favorites from this shoot! We seriously lucked out with locations AND light! It was a dream shoot! Just wait until you see the shots we took right before the sunset!! And I swear, we have a knack for tracking down cherry trees. We found the very FIRST cherry blossoms during a previous engagement session and then we found potentially the very LAST cherry tree still in bloom during this shoot!! Enjoy!!!

Oh I can’t even stand it! How gorgeous are they?! 

No, those petals aren’t falling on their own. You know Michael had something to do with it!

The big famous monuments are overrated! I love this little guy! (It’s not so little, but perfect for portraits!)

Love this!

Another FAVORITE!!

girl…. wow. I hope you love this as much as I do!!!

Her ring is amazing!!!


Anyone trusting enough to do this is amazing! Thank you Kim!! It was worth it!

This sky was UNREAL!!!

Obsessed with this light!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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