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decided about two weeks before Christmas that he REALLY wanted to enter into the Vitamix world. Well, this was a surprise to me…. especially since I had already purchased Michael’s Christmas a week earlier!!! I debated it. Those things are PRICEY and while I really wanted to try out the whole “Green Drink” phenomenon, I wasn’t sure if it was really all that it was cracked to be. You see, Michael loves gadgets and since I love Michael…. I bought him one. I returned some of his other gifts that were just “so-so” and surprised Michael with his dream blender on Christmas morning!

We brought it home and immediately started trying to figure out recipes! That’s where you guys come in! I mentioned needing some smoothie advice on Instagram and we had such a great response!! For those of you that have found the PERFECT smoothie recipe, we want to hear about it!! Now we can’t try EVERY single recommendation… however, whichever recipe we try first, the person that recommended it will win some Starbucks goodness! Now I realize that some of you healthy smoothie fanatics may not love Starbucks… buttttt you should splurge every now and then! :) So if you have a recipe for something AMAZING to mix together with our new kitchen toy, let us know! We’re such newbies at this!!!! xoxo

*** Congrats to Kristine!!! We’re trying your recipe!!! YAY!! We can’t wait!! ***

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