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has been insane this spring…. like, REALLY insane. Thunderstorms everyday and these aren’t just little storms, we’re talking GUSTS of wind and rain! It’s crazy! One minute the sun is out and then the next minute it’s pouring! Last Saturday I experienced some pretty serious storms while shooting Laura and Craig’s downtown petersburg wedding! However, I guarantee you would have NEVER known that we were rushing to get portraits done if I hadn’t told you! That’s how awesome Laura and Craig are!  Josh Gooden was filming and I was shooting and the clouds started rolling in…. BIG CLOUDS! As the sheets of rain started heading towards us from across the parking lot, we called it quits and ran inside! After checking the radar, we realized we had about a 15 minute window of time to head back out and capture ALL of their portraits before more rain came and because Laura is WONDERFUL and the sweetest bride EVER…. she agreed to leave the reception in order to make sure they had AWESOME portraits! I just love her. We made it happen and I’m so thankful for Laura and Craigs willingness to stomp through some puddles and stand out in the storm! That’s a true sign of dedication right there!! They should win an award for that!


I absolutely loved being a part of this wedding and getting to know Laura and Craig’s families. It was a day full of celebration and I was so honored to be a part of it! Laura and Craig, I’m so excited for you guys and I KNOW you’re enjoying your cruise! (Cruises are the WAY TO GO for your honeymoon!! Of course, I’m a little biased:) I can’t wait for you two to get home and see your blog post and gallery!! Congratulations and I wish the VERY best!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing time in your lives!!


Work it girls!

Ha! Love this!


Laura! Girl, you look GOOD!!!!

I’ll take overcast days ANY day!!! (Just without the massive thunderstorms:)

Love it!

Loving these teal doors!! Laura did you plan that? :)

Once again, we were ROLLING through these! I think I snapped 500 images in 5 minutes! Well, that may be an exaggeration but it was A LOT. We were racing the rain!

The flower girl has a little sassiness in her!


Annnnd at this point, we were shooting IN THE RAIN! Laura and Craig you are awesome. Period.

I’ve had that umbrella in my Bug for over 2 years! It’s been waiting for it’s big debut and Saturday was the perfect day to bring it out!

Josh and I LOVED this street! I’m tempted to lie and say we shot this wedding in EUROPE! That’s what it looks like!

Reception time at The Black Swan!

Their “card” box!

The end! Leave Craig and Laura some love!! And Watch their SLIDESHOW by CLICKING HERE!!


Reception Venue: The Black Swan

Ceremony: Chester Presbyterian Church

Cinematographer: Josh Gooden

DJ: Mike Barnes

Invitations: Green Filigree

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