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forgot about PICASSO! We planned Kristen and Ryan’s engagement session at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum a few days before the Picasso exhibit was leaving. So there were crowds of people from ALL over the east coast running around outside the museum.  What was I thinking?! Well, let me just say, if Kristen and Ryan can have a super successful e-session in crowds of people…I can’t even imagine how awesome their wedding images will be! They seriously acted like pros! I explained the “Model” face once and they just got it! Yesssssss! I love engagement sessions where I leave feeling like I know the couple 10x better than before.

I most definitely left Kristen and Ryan’s session feeling this way. Not only did I get to know them, I also got to meet Kristen’s younger sister… aka, her “stylist”!  If I asked my sister to come and be my stylist on my e-session she would have said “Girl! Are you CRAZY?!”.  Ha! I love my sister but I would have to BEG her to be my stylist for one day!


Kristen and Ryan met with me a few months ago to talk about their big day that is coming up in September and I loved them immediately! They are so relaxed and easy going, it’s good for me to be around people that aren’t as high-strung as I am! These two make an awesome couple and I can’t wait to watch them become husband and wife! It’s going to be an amazing day!! Kristen and Ryan I had a blast dodging tourists and outrunning the rain with you! You’re the best and I apologize that I blogging WAY too many images…. that’s why I’m posting at 3:30pm! It’s taken me all day to get this post together because I have so many FAVORITES! Enjoy!

We started off at the museum and don’t be fooled… we were SURROUNDED by people! I just hid them really really well for the most part! Kristen and Ryan handled it so well!!!

Girl!!! So good! Love this! Ryan you look good too but I’m afraid Kristen is stealing the show here!

Some favorites!


This one is a favorite for some reason… maybe it’s the lines? Or that awesome purple dress and heels? Hmmm….


So I couldn’t pick which ring shot I liked more… so you guys can decide which is best!

Kristen you’re gorgeous!

WOWSERS!!  You see what I mean?! Their “model” look is awesome!

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