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The weather was a little threatening. An 105 degree forecast is enough to make a photographer cringe. Michael packed me two water bottles and I headed down to Virginia Beach. I met Jill for lunch and we prepared for the big, HOT day! As soon as we arrived, we were grabbing our bags from the car and Jess’s bridesmaids came out to greet us. It just got better from there. The house was full of excitement and you could just feel the anticipation the whole day! We kept cool until the first look and then the heat wave hit. I was drenched but somehow, Ken and Jess still looked amazing! It was hot but they just kept on going and I thought to myself “I love these two!”. They cared about their portraits

enough to bare the heat and I’m so appreciative! It was worth it! They had such a beautiful day. The Museum of Contemporary Art was the perfect place for a July wedding. Friends and family gathered together for their beautiful celebration and it was perfect.  As they promised to love each other for lifetime, cameras were clicking, aunts were crying and friends were cheering. Ken and Jess are so well loved by everyone in their life.


This past weekend could be considered my “JMU” wedding weekend. Both couples are diehard alumni. Ken and Jess even had a Duke Dog ice sculpture!! The coolest thing was having people come up to me saying “Have fun at Brandon and Lisa’s wedding tomorrow!” and then on Saturday I had guests ask about how Ken and Jess’s wedding from Friday! Such a great community!


It was a beautiful weekend and I felt to privileged to be there with this amazing couple.  Jill and I had a blast and we were so thankful that this was an indoor wedding !!! Enjoy my favorites of the day!


Loved the orchid theme of the whole day!!

Oh Jess you’re stunning!!!

A Journal from Ken that tells their story…she loved it! :)

First Look! They practically RAN to each other!

Ohh my!! Girl you make 105 degrees look amazing!!!!

This is on the middle of parking lot and it’s one of my favorites!

Such sweet girls!!


The light! ah!



Such a beautiful location!

Reception/Ceremony | MOCA , Virginia Beach

Hair and Makeup | Wink Salon
Florals | Sharon McDaniel
DJ | Roger Cruz from Astro DJ
Cake | Bliss Bakery
Catering | Sweetwater Cuisine 
A HUGE thanks to Jillian Michelle Photography for helping me out this weekend! 
xoxo, Katelyn
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