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the hotel room where the girls were getting ready and gave Britt a big hug! This girl was SO excited to get married and her day was FINALLY here! Her bridesmaids surrounded her as she continued getting ready and then the flowers came… and everyone stopped in their tracks. Brittany caught a glance at her dream bouquet and she started tearing up.  Some don’t understand this. Why get emotional over a BOUQUET?! …. Well I’ll try to explain because I know exactly what Britt was feeling in that moment. As a bride who loves details and styling, I had poured my heart and soul into making my wedding day exactly what I had dreamed it would be….and when I saw it all coming together and all the

pieces falling into place, it was an incredible feeling. I remember getting my makeup done and watching Jasmine shoot my shoes and thinking “Ohhh my gosh… this is happening… and it’s perfect.. all of it”.  In those moments, tears start to flow and the happiness is overwhelming. It’s so exciting!! Brittany had many moments like that throughout her wedding day. When she saw a shot of her shoes… when she saw her dad for the first time…when she hugged her mom at the reception after she danced her first dance with her husband… when she shared a first look with Harry and saw how handsome he looked…and the list goes on. It was an emotional day… and those are my favorites types of wedding days.  I love working with couples that are so overwhelmed with love for one another that they can’t help but share some tears and smile constantly.


Brittany and Harry are an incredible pair. As I prepared for the First Look and was explaining to Harry that Britt was almost ready and she looked AMAZING, his response was…  “Well she’s a pretty amazing person”… he ended that sentence with a grin and waited patiently to see the love of his life in her wedding dress.  Their ceremony exuded their love for the Lord and I had chills the whole time they were singing “How He Loves”. There’s something powerful about a couple singing those lyrics on top of a hill, at the top of their lungs, right before they commit to being soul mates for a lifetime. What an incredible day they had. I’m so thankful that I was able to be a part of it.  I loved Harry and Brittany ever since our first phone conversation and I’m honored to call them my friends!! Hopefully they’re having a blast at the beach and  able to find some internet so that Britt can see pictures of her gorgeous bouquet:)… it’s seriously one of my favorites!! So enjoy this peek of Harry and Brittany’s wedding at Running Hare Vineyard and get excited because JOSH GOODEN filmed their entire day and I can’t WAIT to see their highlights! Ps. Josh Gooden, Richard Green Entertainment and Anna Burke Events were working alongside of me all day and it was magical… I would like to start referring to them as the DREAM TEAM. It’s definitely an appropriate title!! Enjoy my favorites!

LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! They’re so photogenic!

New favorite bouquet shot…. of ALL time. I love this bouquet so much I’m naming this the “Beautiful Bouquet Wedding”!! Gosh… I could have photographed this beauty all day long! … Actually, I kinda did:)

There were NO rooms to get dressed in with WINDOW LIGHT… so Britt stepped into her dress inside and then had her bridesmaids help her finish getting ready outside…. Reason #247 why I adore her. 

absolutely. stunning.

Walking to the First Look… the tears started again:)


And this is why I LOVE overcast days….

guys just stop ittttt……so awesome! We never did an engagement session and yet these two acted like they were PROS! 

Refreshments for the ceremony… and the ring bearer:) Cutie!

How HILARIOUS is that right picture??


To entertain the kids:)

  Venue | Running Hare

Event Coordinator | Anna Burke Events

Florals |  Intrigue Design & Decor, Annapolis, MD

Cinematographer | Josh Gooden

DJ | Richard Green Entertainment

Caterer | Maryland Country Caterers

Cake |  Sugar Bakers Cakes

Bridesmaids | Dress: Mackenzie Michaels  Earrings: Jcrew

Invitations | Print Your Party on Esty

Hair & Makeup |  Behind the Veil

xoxo, Katelyn
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