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Welp. Most babies have a cold with a runny nose during the first year of life, right? We made it 6.5 months without any colds or illness! However, that record came to a screeching halt this past week when our sweet girl had to be taken to the pediatric emergency room for a virus that no one could explain. You know it’s bad when the nurses stare at your baby as you walk to your room. Evy is COVERED in a bad rash from her virus and it’s so hard to see her this way.

It’s been an interesting week. We cancelled meetings, moved appointments, scratched the to-do list. It’s been eye-opening to say the least.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve changed a lot since having a baby… and the truth is… the way I am NOW is the way I SHOULD have been YEARS ago.

I’m going to explain my recent discovery of the real definition of WORK and why it’s transforming my life in this video BELOW!

xoxo, Katelyn
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    Really liked your video, keep doing it

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