• Venice, Italy | Part II

everything we thought it would be. Little men in striped shirts asking us to pay $100 Euros for a Gondola ride (no way!), quaint cafes and shops lining all of the rustic, waterlined streets, and beautiful buildings with colorful paint chipping off the windows and door frames. I loved Venice. It was one of my favorite places to take pictures. Everywhere I turned I saw door knobs and old shutters that I couldn’t help but snap a few shots off. I remember going to London and Paris in high school and being overwhelmed by all of the awesome architecture…. only I had a HORRIBLE point and shoot camera at the time. This trip was a little different.

Not only did I have a professional grade camera, but I also had a husband! ha! Michael is the one who should get the credit for these honeymoon posts because really, without him guiding me through the crowds of people and finding our way back to our hotel, I would still be wondering around St. Marc’s, trying to find the water taxi! I can’t do two things at once. I can’t take pictures AND remember where I’m going.  Michael just led me around the WHOLE city and was incredibly patient when I would say “Ohhhhhh stop! Did you see those shutters?! And that Door?! I need a picture of those.” I’m sure to most people, all of these doors and buildings and bridges are starting to look the same but I love this stuff. Photographing architecture and old buildings that are falling apart is what made me fall in love with photography in the first place!


So enjoy our last full honeymoon post! It was an amazing trip that I will NEVER forget. Michael and I already want to go back to Venice for our 5 years anniversary…. but um…if we’re honest and thinking realistically, that will probably end up being our 25th anniversary:). We loved our time together in the Mediterranean and I’m so thankful we didn’t go sit on a beach all week…. both of us would have gone crazy! That is paradise for some couples but not us.  We enjoyed seeing new things and going amazing places! For all of my 2011 couples, going on a cruise is a GREAT honeymoon option! (Psssst. They’ll upgrade you to a balcony room for free if you’re lucky:)


Have a fabulous weekend! I have 30 high school girls spending the night in our tiny house tonight so wish me luck and if I survive, I’ll see ya on Monday!

Aw look at him:) I married him!

Lunch! REAL Italian lunch! Soooo good. (and “Light” coke that was $4!)

Michael doesn’t naturally pose on the corners of streets while on vacation… I made him do that… just to clarify.

These pics were taken on our $60 Gondola ride.  We asked to only ride for 30mins and it was perfect! We just wanted to say that we did it!

I love this because only in Venice can you have window shopping on the water!

Rialto Market.

Two favorite things….my husband and a vintage teal lantern!

Oh how I love this one! It’s going in the house somewhere!

So then the sun came out and everything looked a little warmer:)

Lets end with this one! I LOVED that set of shutters! … and I love Michael… even when he takes pictures like that.

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