A Mini Posing Workshop

  • Workshop : Vegas Edition

going to think I’ve totally lost it when you see what I’m posting today! I’m blogging my mini Posing workshop from WPPI…. you know, the trip that we took back in MARCH! Yes, I’m finally blogging these images! If you know me and follow my blog, you know that I don’t normally have a problem with getting images posted quickly. I’m a consistent blogger and I keep up with my edits well. This is definitely an exception! I guess moving and packing and building a house really threw me off early this spring! While we were in Vegas attending WPPI, I hosted a mini Workshop Experience. It was only two hours of posing instructions but it was a TON of fun!

Our friends and travel companions, Buddy and Jill were our models and they were sweet enough to get up at the crack of dawn for the shoot! We started before the sun was up and so everyone who attended had to sacrifice some sleep! Despite the tired eyes, we had a GREAT time! We talked about the posing evolution and how to accomplish a TON of portraits in one location! A HUGE thanks to Layers of Lovely for the amazing Bout, Hairpiece and Bouquet!!! We were so thankful to have beautiful florals for the mini-shoot! Thanks to Buddy and Jill for modeling for us!! And thank you to Michael for getting me my passion tea lemonade from Starbucks so that I could function at 6am!!

We LOVED meeting all of these amazing photographers and forming new friendships with them!! Enjoy a peek from this mini shoot!


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