Happy Valentines Day!

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say that they don’t like Valentines day because they want their special someone to love them 365 days of the year… not just on February 14th! I totally understand this…. but also disagree with it at the same time. Maybe I disagree with it because I am loved 365 days of the year and Valentine’s day is just an extra special version of any normal day! My love language has always been “gifts”. If you have never heard of the ” 5 Love Languages” before, you should read about them HERE!  I used to think that this was such a silly method of characterizing people and the way they like to be loved…. but it’s actually very accurate. I feel most loved when I receive gifts.

Receiving a gift for no reason is so much better than someone doing something for me or Michael saying something encouraging. Michael used to think that I just “made up” my love language in order to have a excuse to receive more gifts and that is NOT true!!! I promise. I just think that if someone thinks of me and gives me a gift, that makes me feel super loved. Michael on the other hand has a much different Love Language. His is Quality Time. I capitalized that because it’s a BIG deal.  He just loves time together. We could be doing absolutely nothing but as long as we’re together….he loves that.  (He’s actually home on his lunch break right now and laying on my couch in my office…playing games on his iphone while I blog….like I said… he just likes being together!) This has always been a battle for me because quality time is definitely NOT one of my top love languages. It doesn’t come naturally for me.  I can be a work-a-holic and never make time to just sit and watch Modern Family or American Idol with him. He has to help me with that and since we’ve been married, I’ve gotten a lot better at shutting down the computer and actually living LIFE in the evenings.  I’m thankful for that and I’m so thankful for him. Without him I would still be getting 4 hours of sleep a night and living with dark circles under my eyes. So Michael…. Thank you for taking care of me… thank you for cooking dinner when I don’t feel like it….which is like every night…. thank you for making me close my computer even though I glare at you when you tell me to…. and thank you for being my friend… my best friend. I can’t imagine life without you because I have NEVER experienced life without you…..literally…. and I would never want to.  I love you more than I can express in words and I feel so lucky that I get to call you my HUSBAND!!! I’m so proud of you….thank you for being my biggest fan:).



And in true Michael fashion… we said we were celebrating V-day on Friday night and that was it….. but he surprised me with a gift today…. a TEAL gift!  With matching EARRINGS!!! Ladies you know that’s the best when you get matching earrings!  He thinks this necklace is CRAZY but I loved it when I saw it in the store and he remembered that.  He’s the best! Happy Valentines day to my wonderful HUSBAND!

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