• Sedona & The Grand Canyon

Have you ever had something on your calendar for a while and then it happens and you’re just so sad it’s over?! That’s what this trip was like for us! We have been looking forward to visiting Arizona for the longest time and we can’t believe it’s over already! Jordan and Amy took such great care of us. They are so like minded in so many aspects of their business and I just love talking through things and learning from one another. I may not use an Expo disc and I may not have filters on my lens, but other than that…

we’re pretty much the same people. :) We love their company and their friendship but the greatest gift of all is that they just GET us. They understand our life to a “T” and we adore them! We decided that when we visited, we HAD to have some “work” time.  Our visit was pre-wppi and so we had A LOT to do! We would work some, talk a lot and then treat ourselves to dinner and some exploring during the afternoon! We drove to Sedona one day and it was AMAZING! I loved it! Annamarie and Amy took some pictures of us in the desert with the red rocks off in the distance and I’m obsessed with them! These are our FIRST portraits of us together with my short hair! Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to have new pictures. It’s ALMOST as awesome as seeing new places with amazing friends. :) Enjoy this “Part 2” of our time in the Desert!

BIG thank you to Jordan and Amy for letting us crash and distract them from work for a few days! I think it was good for both of us to get away from our laptops for a little bit!! :)

Oh ya know… just some girls and their ONA’s! :) And one awesome Kelly Moore too! 

 It doesn’t even look real! I love how different this mountain view is from VA’s mountain view! 

 Oh these two! I took a few of them while Annamarie was shooting just for fun! 

Love this! This old tree was asking for a picture! 

 FAVORITE! If I could “shoot through” weeds all day I would! 

 The girls being “girls”:)

 Talk about a VIEW! Wow! This was QUITE an overlook! 

 And then Michael and I headed to the GRAND CANYON the next day on our way to WPPI! More about WPPI tomorrow!! 

 Our work never ends:) This was a random couple. Ps. It was freezing and SNOWING if you couldn’t tell by the bystanders! 

 So incredible! 

Check back for our WPPI recap tomorrow! Ps. If you loved this post! You may also like some of our other TRAVEL POSTS!

xoxo, Katelyn
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