• VA Beach Bridal Shootout

Ohh… just when I think I know everything I need to learn…. I learn something new. That seems to be the story of my life and the story of the business! I get into these weird moods where I think I know “My style” and that means that I don’t need to learn new techniques. Oh I am so wrong so often! During the VA Beach Bridal shootout that I attended (SEVERAL weeks ago! I’m behind!), I learned this lesson all over again. You see, I don’t particularly care for shooting with direct evening sunlight beaming straight onto the subject. I like the “glowy” affects that comes from shooting with the light behind your subject. Well, because there were several photographers at my station, I couldn’t make this model turn around just because of my personal preference.  So I practiced some straight on shots of this gorgeous model and much to my delight, I loved them! So the lesson of today’s post is to never think you’re so good at something that you stopping challenging yourself and learning! I’ve learned that lesson so many times this year! It’s quite humbling!

Enjoy!  xoxo, Katelyn

Thank you FABULOUS Vendors!

Set and model styling by Lindsey Hocker of simply perfect events.

Flowers and linens by Claire Martin of Bella flora.

Cupcakes by Emily De Long of gourmet bake shoppe.

Makeup and hair for mad hatter and Amanda (bride with groom) by Kimberly Adams

Hair and makeup for Kegan, Brandi, and Janet (single bride, vintage engagement, and boudior) by Kristin chambers

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