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  • Urban Engagement Photos Featuring RVA Murals & The National

I love our city! However, I feel like there are so many parts of it that I never get to explore and shoot in! All of that changed with this RVA shoot! Melissa and I had emailed months ago about this session and she knew what she wanted. She wanted an engagement session that represented who they were, what they loved and the CITY that they love! We started shooting downtown around the National. We were accompanied by Melissa’s Maid of Honor and Simba… their precious, super photogenic pup! The National is a big part of their life together. They love music so much that it’s going to be a BIG part of their wedding theme!!

After we documented the National we started walking down the next street over to find some of the infamous RVA Murals and oh did we find some! We turned the corner and found the most AMAZING mural… easily the prettiest mural in all of Richmond and it was in PERFECT light! For the photographer who loves COLOR, this mural was a dream come true!!

We ended our time together in Forest Hill park which used to be a location that they would frequent often. What I loved most about our time together is that I felt like I got to know these two in our two hours together! David and Melissa are adventurous, fun-loving and incredibly genuine. After their engagement session we hugged them goodbye and it was sad to think that we have to wait so long until we see them again! From beginning to end, it was an amazing shoot!! The locations, the colors, the light…. and the puppy. OH the puppy! This dog MAY just be more photogenic than our Bokeh boy!!!! :)

This WALL!!! ah! The artist is Jason Woodside and he does amazing work all over the country!

These colors! Aren’t they the BEST!?

We passed by this little area outside of what looked like a convention center…. I’m not really sure… and I saw the light….literally. You see, they are standing in an oversized, elevated, ivy-invested flowerbed of sorts and most people would have walked right by this spot. Right in front of them is a brick ledge that they had to climb up on in order to get into this spot but you know what, I don’t regret asking them to do it and I highly doubt that they do either! I NEVER regret stopping couples when I see something creative. Never. I ALWAYS regret it when I don’t! Photographers… it’s worth it to give your ideas a shot. Don’t worry about being annoying… your clients want you to be creative and find patches of light that make downtown RVA look like Narnia! :)

Omg, look how cute they are! They thought of EVERYTHING!

perfect pup!

I love this!

Please look closely… they’re holding hands! David and Simba that is. :)

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xoxo, Katelyn
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