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I woke up this morning to gusts of wind and rain beating against the side of my window.  Another nor-easter has graced us with it’s presence today in Newport News and I must say, it’s a nasty one. My umbrella may be cute but it is no match for the uncontrollable gusts of wind and rain.

So instead of focusing on the nastiness of today, I am focusing on the “Good Things” of yesterday! For those of you who have never read a “Good Things” post, sometimes I love to share the little things in life that just make life a little sweeter. Yesterday’s Good Thing was the release of “Up!”.  This Disney/Pixar film was such a hit!  I came home and my roommates had decorated for the premier showing of Up! in our living room!  So cute. If you’ve never seen it, during the midst of this nor-easter would be a great time to try it out! Ps. Redbox should also be included in the list of “Good Things”….awesome invention.

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