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What have I gotten myself into? I literally just wrote a 5 page paper about the “Technopoly” of America and how my generation is so dependent on technology and constantly being “connected”. So after explaining to my professor that I fall into the category of being “too enthralled” with technology… I create a twitter account….an account where the world is constantly being updated on my life! Oh the irony.

What is Twitter you might ask? Well, to be quite honest, I’m not 100% sure myself. All I know is that it is a constant connection with people through status updates. Is it necessary? No.  Is it fun? Most definitely.  It really is just another reason to have my blackberry buzzing but I’m a firm believer in marketing through web presence so I’m giving it a try! Please feel free to “follow me” and we can exchange tweets! ….That sounds creepy and somewhat like I’m starting a cult. haha But seriously, my username is: katelynjames and I just love getting new follower updates! Oh the little things in life!

Speaking of little things…. I think I partially got Twitter because I just LOVE their little bird logo with the swirls! :) Love it.

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