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are some people that I meet and I immediately think to myself “Aw I can’t wait for Michael to meet them!”. Michael and I love people… that seems like such a silly statement but we do. We love people and we love getting to know awesome couples. Joe and Perrin are one of those awesome couples. I knew they were going to be super sweet because one of Perrin’s best friends (and one of my past brides) texted me before their engagement session just to let me know how awesome they are and that she was excited for me to meet them. :) So Joe and Perrin, 1. You can rest assured that you are loved dearly

and 2. You have really sweet friends!  Joe and Perrin are obviously in love but they have love that is paired with such great JOY that it’s contagious. Perrin’s smile is just radiant and you’ll see what I mean when you’re scrolling through the pictures. These two have a lot going on with wedding prep and planning. They’ll be married in just a couple of weeks! AH! I’m so excited for them and I’m so thankful that we get to be a part of their wedding day. I’m anticipating a really fun bridal party and a ton of beautiful moments. If Perrin’s excitement during the engagement session is any indicator of how happy she’ll be on her wedding day, it’s going to be amazing! :) I can’t wait! Enjoy a few of my favorites!!


That shot on the right? Favorite from the whole shoot! 


Her ring is ah-mazing!! Joe, well done. :)

So much joy… love this one.

And these were for Joe and his love for the Braves! 

Perrin you are gorgeous!! 

Another favorite:)

I could probably just stand there and say nothing to these two and they would be pros at taking beautiful pictures! I’m serious! 

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