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have heard someone say that “everything happens for a reason”.  Well, I think you can take that a step further and say that you meet everyone in your life for a reason too! I met Kelsey 4 or 5 years ago while I was visiting a friend at Tech and look how that friendship has grown!! Not only did I end up shooting Kelsey’s wedding, but I was also able to form an awesome friendship with both her and Dan. These two were married last Saturday in Providence Forge, VA on a quaint plantation. The rain held off  and allowed them to have the beautiful outdoor wedding that they dreamed about. Surrounded by their family and friends, they became best friends and companions for LIFE.


You know, you would think that after shooting 50+ weddings I would grow a little tired of them and all that they entail. Well the complete opposite has happened…. especially since I’m a married woman now!! I know how awesome it is to come home everyday to your best friend and to continuously share life with the one person you care about the most. Doing LIFE together with Michael is what I love the most about our marriage.  That includes grocery shopping together (we’re newlyweds, that’s not boring yet!:), figuring out how to get ants out of the kitchen (we only had a few, don’t judge!!) and walking around the mall just for exercise (we’ll have matching windbreakers and pure white tennis shoes before you know it!).  I love life with him and I get so excited for my couples on their wedding day because I know they are about to experience that!  They’re starting a new life together as husband and wife and there is something SO powerful about that!!


As Dan’s dad officiated the ceremony, Kelsey was smiling from ear to ear. Dan would glance over at her multiple times throughout the ceremony, almost as if he was making sure “I get to marry HER?!”. Seriously, just wait til you see this girl. She’s absolutely stunning in every way! These two are what I like to call a power couple. Because of their personalities and leadership roles, they influence so many.  Their example they set in their relationship has affected numerous people and that was so obvious throughout the while wedding day! I love these two and I have loved getting to know them through this whole process. However, I have a special place in my heart for Kelsey because she spent a lot of time building into my baby sister at VA Tech and if you want to win my heart… just take care of my siblings and I’ll love you FOREVER.  Kelsey thank you for being such an awesome example for the younger girls in your life. Now that you’re a married woman, I know that you two are going to continue to touch people’s lives in so many ways with your marriage. I can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store for the Newmans!!!!!:)


Enjoy some favorites from this “Tropical Southern Wedding”! Ps. Navy, Sear Sucker and Coral?!! YES PLEASE! This is a fun one! Get excited!!

Kelsey has the BEST smile!

Prayer time… it never happens without a few tears.


There he is! Man of the hour! Lookin sharp!

Ha! Love it!

Love you guys! 

Thank you thank you thank you for standing in WEEDS before your wedding… you two are the BEST! It was worth it!

It started sprinkling outside so we had to go instead… THANK GOODNESS WE DID! These next few are my FAVORITES!! LOVE the colors!!

Married!!!! YAY!!!

AH! Kelsey you are stunning!!!! 


This model is one of my past brides!! Sydni you didn’t know I was going to put you to work AGAIN!:) Dan and Kelsey decided on Sherbert for dessert! It’s one of Dan’s favorites!!

Venue | Jasmine Plantation

Dress | Designer: Watters & Watters

Florals | Black Creek Flowers & Sweets 

Bridesmaid Dresses | JCrew

Groomsmen Attire | Jos A Banks

Invitations | Jon Newman

Honeymoon | Cancun

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