The Charleston Roadtrip

  • A Weekend Away

this blog is not only a business tool, but also a scrapbook of my life… I just have to post a little something about my weekend getaway to Charleston, SC. Steph, my roommate from college, was sweet enough to take off work and join me… I don’t think she minded too terribly much. We drove down late Thursday night, woke up Friday with no alarm set, walked down the street to grab brunch and then laid by the pool.  Are you jealous yet?? Then I prepared for my shoot that evening and we left to get some frozen yogurt before meeting my clients.


We finished the evening with a late night dinner at Hyman’s and then feel asleep watching old episodes of FRIENDS.  It felt like college again…. and I loved it. Saturday included getting up at 11am, eating more great food and then heading to the marketplace for some shopping. (I am ashamed to admit that I bought an awesome teal ring but brought nothing home for my husband. I’m a horrible wife! ) I shot another session that evening and then we made the long drive home. It was a quick trip but SO worth it. I loved my time with Steph… I miss her. Being married is AWESOME but that doesn’t mean I’m through with girl time… no way! It was a much needed 48hours away and now that I’m back home and seeing how gross the house is and how HIGH the laundry is stacked, I’m missing those beautiful houses and tall palm trees!! Charleston is just gorgeous. It was my first time there and I could have stayed another two weeks! Michael and I will definitely be taking a little vaca there one day…. well I haven’t talked to him about that but I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to the idea!  Anyway, here are a few instagrams from our trip!! Thank the Lord for iphones that capture little pieces of life for us to remember!


ps. A HUGE thank you for my sweet mother in law!! She let us use her 4runner and so not only did we feel extra cool…. but we also had 10x more leg room than if we had taken my BUG!  Bobbi thank you for trusting your daughter in law, who isn’t the best driver in the world, with your car! It made it back to VA without a scratch… just a few more miles on it. We made sure to pull off the side of the road to document the 4-runner hitting 100,000 miles.


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