A Christmas 2012 Giveaway

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has them. Big or smal…. every family has their traditions. I’ve been hearing some CRAZY ones recently!!! My parent’s weren’t big on the Santa thing growing up. They just never made a big deal about it… instead, we focused on family traditions. However, I LOVE hearing about what some families do to make the season extra fun! For example, I just recently heard of this one:  Planting green tic tacs (“Reindeer Seeds”) in a pot of sugar and overnight they turn into candy canes! Or leaving out reindeer food on the front porch…. I don’t know what your traditions may be but I’d love to hear them!!

And since it’s the season of giving, I’m going to make this a giveaway! Leave a comment sharing your favorite Christmas tradition and you’ll be entered to win some Starbucks goodies!!!  Speaking of traditions and Christmas plans…. we have a plan to see Les Mis the day after Christmas… TWICE! Michael and I are seeing it at CineBistro and then we’re meeting the family to see it AGAIN!! We’re obviously die hard fans. Michael even pre-ordered  the soundtrack!!!! We’re excited!!! Merry Christmas everyone! Leave me some Christmas traditions in the comments and you never know, you may win a little goodie or two!! :)


** congrats to Sarah Goodwin and Mary Powell for wedding the giveaway!! **

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