Top 3 Technical Skills Every New Photographer Should Focus On
  • What should you learn first?

Are you a beginner photographer? Are you a photographer who is experienced but you’re struggling technically and can’t understand why? This free video may give you the answers that you’ve been looking for!

I’m answering a question that we get constantly in our inbox, through Instagram DM’s and in our FB Groups! (Ps. If you’re not a part of KJ Education, it’s a FREE, kind, and encouraging place to grow as a photographer even if you haven’t invested in any of our education!)

Question: “What should I learn FIRST?!”

Answer: You can find it HERE!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Chris reply

    Thanks, Katelyn! That video exactly answered a question I had taken away from your today’s free webinar on lighting. Great stuff! Love your work as an educator as much as your work as a photographer :-) Greetings from Germany, Chris from Wild Malva

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