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When I scan through images right after a session…. or 4 days after a session, depending on how behind I am…I use a method I like to call “5 starring”.  I scan through the images and “5 Star” the best of the best! This has become a commonly used phrase around my house and I even have some spectators that like to watch this process! After scanning through TJ and Steph’s images from their Smithfield engagement session this past Sunday, I ended up with over 450 “5 starred” images!!! Are you kidding me?! Yes, they are THAT photogenic but NO, I do not normally edit almost 500 images for an engagement session! I then had to go back and was forced to be selective. I hate having to choose!

Tj and Steph are one of those couples that I met and immediately knew that their session was going to be awesome! How could it not be?! Look at them! They’re gorgeous and they’re in love! Perfect combo! The way Steph laughs and smiles at TJ is so sweet and genuine and I loved spending the afternoon capturing that! As we walked and talked, they explained that they had actually met on their VERY FIRST night at college. What are the chances?! TJ and Steph both attended JMU and within their freshmen year they met, fell in love, and started a friendship that has grown into a lifelong relationship! They have a beautiful relationship I cannot WAIT for their wedding this summer! It’s going to be here before we know it and it’s going to be fabulous!

TJ and Steph, thanks for swatting gnats, climbing through weeds in heals, and trusting me with your engagement session! Love you guys!!

Gosh. How cute is she?!

THANK YOU STEPHANIE! She climbed down to this location in heels!! Wasn’t it worth it?!


So fierce, I love it! I need to get tips on how to have an amazing “model” face like Steph’s before MY wedding! Jstar would be so impressed!

The late evening light was perfect!

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