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in June…. like a ton of bricks. I love what I’m doing and I am SO thankful for where my business is.  However, I realized something very eye-opening and somewhat scary in June. This “something” made me stop in my tracks and literally pray for a change.  I was so busy that I had stopped growing. I was so busy that I couldn’t even finish ONE project of my own. It was only May and I had already started the late nighters, the 10 hour workdays at my desk and the feeling of stress was creeping into my life slowly but surely.  I only had 4 weddings in May and even though I turned them around within a week

… I couldn’t shake the nerves. Was I ready for another season like last year? Was I ready to travel and shoot every weekend and still have a life and edit over 2,000 images per week? If May seemed hectic, what would June look like?! Panic set in and I started praying for some wisdom.  You see, what I haven’t learned yet in my business is how to “let go” of things. I want to do everything and I want to micromanage even the tiniest details of my business because I suffer from being a control freak. Well, that had to change. Why? Because I literally stopped growing. I had reached my capacity and my weeks were CRAMMED full of editing, blogging and barely getting it all done. I was running a business but I wasn’t GROWING one. In order to GROW you need time to DREAM, time to finish new and exciting projects and time to REFUEL.  I wasn’t growing, I was stuck. And it scared me.


I remember what I had learned at WPPI years ago about doing what ONLY I could do and outsourcing the rest. Those words made my stomach turn. Outsource? Really? Have someone else HELP me? Never would I EVER!!! Nope. I tried that once before and it did NOT go well. So I kept praying and told Michael that if he wanted a happy wife he should pray too because something needed to happen. A week went by and I received an email from an incredible girl who was willing to take on some business things that I just couldn’t handle anymore.  PRAISE THE LORD. Seriously. She was not what I was looking for because really, I had no CLUE what I was looking for! But the Lord did… and I’m thankful. SO incredibly thankful. You’ll probably hear more about this wonder woman in weeks to come because I feel like I owe her BIG TIME. You can’t put a price on having a LIFE again. And while I’m still busy and never home and always running out of milk in the fridge… I’m no where NEAR the stress level I had in May. So today I’m thankful for whatever got into my head in June and made me realize CHANGE needed to happen. I’m thankful because that CHANGE in my business is allowing me to grow and dream and shoot more freely… and that’s priceless. So happy friday everyone… I’m off to shoot a wedding!!

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