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Just when I thought the fall colors couldn’t get ANY prettier… I drove into Leesburg. Historic downtown Leesburg is adorable on its’ own but add in tons of orange, red and yellow trees and BAAM! It becomes the most ideal wedding portrait location! Michael shot this wedding with me and I just kept repeating over and over to him “This is PERFECT!”… and it was. Not only were the trees perfect, Derek and Amy’s day was perfect as well. Holly Chapple blew us AWAY with gorgeous florals that coordinated so wonderfully with the portrait locations we ended up shooting in and I was THRILLED! I had already lost my voice from shooting a wedding the day before but I was still squealing when we were shooting

Derek and Amy in the leaves!! I’m sure I sounded like a sick cat but I was excited! It’s such a gift to have such beautiful locations to shoot in as I end my wedding season. Sometimes the end of wedding seasons can be slow and cold and colorless… that is NOT the case this year! It was a wonderful 72 degrees and beautiful outside on Saturday! I absolutely LOVED being a part of Derek and Amy’s day. They are just the sweetest couple and between engagements and hanging out at Molly and John’s wedding, I have come to adore their little family! Derek’s two kids Sage and Connor couldn’t be cuter and I loved watching the WHOLE family celebrate on their wedding day!! Just wait until you see them… seriously, they are beautiful kids and so well behaved! If I was a child photographer I would make them model in heartbeat!


Derek and Amy, I can’t say thank you enough for choosing us to be a part of your day. It was such an honor and I have loved being a part of this journey with you!! Enjoy my many many favorites and have a blast on the rest of your honeymoon!!!


The kids got ready with the guys and girls! So cute!

Stunning Amy!!!

Love first looks… they never get old:)


Ok, let me ruin this a little and say that Michael and Amy’s mom and sister were throwing leaves… I know, it’s not as cool anymore but hey! It’s still beautiful!!

Random old taxi? Yes please!


I told you! How cute are they?!

Amy! I hope you love this one as much as I do!!

And then they practiced their amazing first dance with no one in the tent! 

Holly, you’re GOOD! REAL good! Love the florals!!


Remember these two?!

Phi Mu! These girls are CRAZY fun… and I LOVE them!! :)

Me and my brides!!

 credits coming!

xoxo, Katelyn
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