• 10.10.10 Thank You's

is dedicated to my momma.  Momma never worked when we were growing up. She was a stay at home mom.  She never missed my cheering at football games and never had to skip Emy’s softball games and is STILL making it to all of Corey’s golf matches.  I don’t think I appreciated her being a home as much as I should have because it was all I had ever known. I never had to ride the bus, I never had to stay at a babysitters and I never had to wonder whether or not my parents would be showing up for the honor assemblies or not….. they were both just always there.

Well now that Emy and I are in college (well, I’m done!!! Hallelujah!)… and Corey is driving (and flying) on his own…Momma has gone back to working full time as a school nurse.  After not working at an official job for 20 years, it can be quite an adjustment.  It’s especially hard when she’s working full time and has a daughter that chose to have her wedding reception in the backyard!!!  There was a lot to do!! So whenever momma gets home from work, she immediately gets in old clothes and works in the flower bed until the wee hours of the night.  She has been re-landscaping and gardening since I got engaged and the yard looks AMAZING!


Momma, I know you’re lacking sleep like the rest of us and you’re sad you haven’t been in the Wedding Warehouse with me during the day, getting ready for 10-10-10… but I want you to know that you have done more than enough to help out with our big day! You have done the hard part that I CAN’T do! Gardening and landscaping will NEVER be my thing! Never ever! So I’m so thankful that you, daddy and Corey have taken care of all of that! It looks absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you! I love you!!! 5 days!!!


ps. There is a reason why there isn’t a picture of Momma working in the flower bed…. if that went on the blog, she’d KILL me!!!

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