• The P31 Conference 2013

This post is late because I’m tired. Actually, exhausted would be a better word to describe how I’m feeling. We shot two weddings last weekend back to back and then I left the next morning for the P31 conference, which was amazing! Then I flew home Friday and we just returned home from shooting another double header this weekend. Needless to say, the busiest season is in full force and I need a NAP! However, the timing was perfect because we were able to meet up with our sweet friends Buddy and Jill last night after the wedding for pizza and the last quarter of the Redskins game.

My feet were swollen and I looked like I hadn’t slept in days… probably because I haven’t! ….. but it was so good to relax with friends! As busy as life if right now, I’m happy that we’re doing it together. Michael and I are SO very thankful that when we travel, we travel together… and when we’re gone shooting back to back weddings, we’re gone together. It’s wonderful and it’s so much easier than it used to be when we would never see each other except for a few hours on weekday evenings.

So back to the purpose of this post! I just wanted to share a few highlights from my time down in Rome, GA at the Pursuit 31 Conference this year!!! I like sharing highlights in bullet form so here we go:

– Reuniting with the amazing speakers and leaders from last year. Seriously, these ladies are just the BEST company!!! I adore them and I’m so thankful that they’re in my life!

– Staying up way too late. I blame Jane Johnson for this one. I always think to myself “Oh, I’ll get some stuff done at night after the events of the day are over”. Um, no. That never happens. I have way to much of my daddy in me! If people are up, I’m there!! I actually got out of the shower and still needed to work on my talk because it was 1am and then I heard laughter down the hall and I just couldn’t stay in my room!! I’m just a sucker for late night hangout time!!

– Winshape’s 24/7 popcorn and ice cream machine! I shot an engagement session while I was down there and I missed dinner so I had popcorn and ice cream… so healthy and so delicious. :)

– SUNSHINE! Evidently it has been gloomsville at home this past week! Michael picked me up from the airport and the sky was misting. He said it had been like that since I left!!! VA must have missed me. So glad we had AMAZING weather last week in GA!

– New friends! LOVED meeting new friends at the conference and hearing their stories! I also loved knowing that our story was encouraging to so many others!! God is so good when it comes to redeeming struggles and hardships!

– Loved getting to see Karen Stott’s baby bump! So amazed by that woman!! She is incredible and so SO giving of her time and energy!!!!

– I really enjoyed teaching two mini “Details” breakout classes!! Detail shooting is just so much fun and you can never learn enough tips and tricks!! Thanks to all the ladies who came out for that!!

– And I loved having the privilege of speaking this year. I talked about how to let God into your business and I approached it from a very tangible level. I’m hoping a ton of photographers will go home with a totally different vision for their businesses and will change the world because of it!

– I just love Winshape… my room was like a 5 star resort! Insane.

– Loved spending some quality time with the amazing Promise Tangeman. Being around her is good for the soul!!

– Loved getting flowers from Michael on our Anniversary!!! He’s the BEST!!!!!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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