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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a shoe person. I have HUGE feet and those cute little heels in the window aren’t so cute when they are DOUBLED in size! So because I’m NOT a shoe girl, I have become a Jewelry and a BAG girl!! I love jewelry and I love BAGS!! All types of bags. Big bags, small bags, HUGE bags… Bags are just fun! I love getting a new purse and switching all my junk over and instantly feeling like a new person!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets that feeling.  So today, if you’re a guy and you follow the blog, this post only applies to you if you’re the super sweet type and want to win something for your momma/wife/girlfriend!

It’s a very GIRLY day on the blog because I’m hosting a CONTEST! I mean, who doesn’t LOVE contests? You do simple things that put you in the running for something FREE! Yeaaaaa!! This time, it’s a FREE Thirty-One LARGE UTILITY TOTE!!  Ever heard of Thirty-One Bags? Well if you haven’t, let me explain why they’re awesome! They’re cute, they aren’t outrageously expensive and they can be monogrammed.  If you can find me any southern girl that doesn’t like to have things monogrammed I would be SHOCKED!  These bags are GREAT gifts…. especially for MOTHERS DAY! …. If you haven’t checked the calendar… it’s approaching, FAST… like we have a matter of DAYS until we need to have something in hand to give to our mommas to show them that we love them! So, if you’re like me and haven’t bought your momma something special, JOIN THE CONTEST and maybe you’ll be able to give your momma a Large Thirty-One Utility Tote!!  My *new* cousin Katie Reynolds is a Thirty-One consultant and she’s the one who is setting this up for everyone! So high fives to her!!!  The GREAT thing is that even though there is only ONE winner, there is an ONLINE PARTY going on RIGHT NOW where you can shop and find some cute deals for mom! (And lets be honest, since there are some May deals out there, I think we can get away with ordering a little something special for ourselves too!:)



The Winner will be announced TOMORROW MORNING on this post! I will also announce it on FACEBOOK!




Here is all you have to do to enter! :

– Just browse through the new summer catalog and leave a comment  here on this post telling us why a LARGE UTILITY TOTE would be PERFECT for you!!

** Bonus Points if you like Katie’s new faceobok page “Really Reynolds” on facebook! If you like her page, let us know in your comment:)**


** Just a reminder, if you comment with a different name or email address than your previous comments, I have to approve them so they may not show up immediately.**


The winner was picked with a random number generator! (Love those things!!)

KYLIE!! You won Large Utility Tote!!! I’ll be in touch!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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