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sweatpants and if it was up to Scottie, they would have worn them for some of their engagement session! Megan and Scottie are best friends and the more I learned about them, the more I loved them.  Between their loved for sweatpants, Taco Bell, and Megan’s love for the blog, I knew they were quickly going to become one of “those” couples. Don’t worry, being one of “those” couples is a good thing! I called Michael after I left the session and I told him “Aww, Michael it was one of “those” couples…. ya know, those couples that LOVE their pictures, LOVE each other and are willing to go the extra mile for a good shot! AND they love the blog!! “.

Perfect! Megan and Scottie were so much fun to work with and their excitement gave me excitement! Megan would squeal and smile and laugh during the WHOLE session and I loved it! Not only does it make for good images, it reminds me of how much I love my job! Making my clients happy and documenting their love in the best way I possibly can is my number one goal! This goal is easy to obtain when I have amazing clients like these two. Megan and Scottie, I love you! Thank you for finding a super fun location and for being YOU during the whole session! I could have kept shooting all night if we had had more light!!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

The light was reflecting off of the sidewalk and it was awesome!!!

Scott proposed with Taco Bell hot sauce packets that say “Will you marry me”! If I had all day I would tell you the whole story! So cute:)

Megan…. girl, you are going to be a GORGEOUS bride!

One of my favorites! I’ve been wanting to do this shot for a while but never that the right location to do it! …. until now!

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