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a saying that Michael and I learned back in leadership training in high school that states that the only things that will set us apart from other people as the years go on are 1. The places you go 2. The people you meet and 2. The books you’ve read. As at 15 year old, this didn’t make much sense but as I have grown up, it is beginning to make more sense. Not only does my business take me different places, it’s allowing AMAZING people to come into my life. My clients, my coaching gals, my mentors in the industry… the list goes on and on…. and I’m grateful. I’m so thankful for these people who believe in not only MY business but who believe in their businesses as well.

Coaching sessions allow me to meet so many awesome photographers from all over the place! In May, we had two coaching days with a total of 5 photographers. They came from Va Beach, the Northen Neck, IOWA and Northern Va! All of these women have different stories, different backgrounds and different experiences in the photography world but they share one thing in common… they want to grow their businesses. We chatted about dreams, discussed goals, cried over the tough parts of this job and then trespassed for some head shots. I’m super excited that the next coaching session will be at the NEW house and I won’t have to risk my life taking pictures on the side of the road! :) Anyway, I just loved meeting these 4 girls! Enjoy some of my favorites!


Everyone, meet Amanda Hedgepeth! Former KJ bride and the bubbliest photog you’ll ever meet! She just warms my heart whenever I’m around her! It seems like yesterday I was shooting a wedding in the dead of winter and this cute little blonde came up to me on the dancefloor and said “You’re totally shooting my wedding one day!”.  Well sure enough, I shot her wedding, watched her start her beautiful family & business and now I have had the chance to coach her!! So thankful for these relationships!!! Love ya girl! :)

These two!! Oh they are cute as can be! The flew in ALL the way from IOWA!! Danielle and Jenny are best friends that work together in the photography world but are ready to break into something new and I couldn’t be more excited for them!! They have so much excitement building up for the future of their business and I can’t wait to see what happens! Ps. How cute are their dresses?!! Love them!

Ow ow!!!!! Love it!

Jenny I LOVE this one!!!

Girl, I know you’re smile is your specialty but this model face is killer!

I like this wide shot because you can see where we shoot!!

Awww, my cute little beach bride:)

Meet Pearl! Oh she’s adorable! She grew up in Hungary and I could listen to her accent all day long! She just recently moved from Charlotte, NA to Northern VA and I’m trying to convince her that even though the traffic is bad, Virginia is awesome!! :) She’s relaunching her photography business now that her kiddos are older and I’m super excited for her!! Ps. I LOVE her style too!! So classic! And don’t you love that her name is “Pearl”?! It suits her so well:)

Meet Ashley!! We started off the day together and I learned that she is a momma to 3 kiddos! How do you people do it!? I’m so impressed that she was able to spend a day with us in Richmond and focus on JUST her business for a few hours! We talked about the amazing parts of this job and also the hard parts…. because lets be honest, we all have days when this isn’t easy.  I’m excited for Ashley because she has so much amazing-ness coming her way. I can just feel it!

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