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..more exciting than getting an email from someone that wants to get back into their wedding attire and take some awesome pictures! What made this email even better was that it was from Ashley! Ashley attended my Workshop back in the fall! (That seems like SO SO long ago! wow!) and we have kept in touch ever since. Ashley and Allen were married almost one year ago and so this was kind of like an anniversary session! How fun! It just so happened that I was going to be in OBX shooting a wedding at the same time that they were on vacation! It was perfect! Not only was scheduling perfect, the weather was AMAZING! It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too terribly windy and we had awesome evening light! Allen and Ash were such great…

sports. I feel like every five seconds I was asking them to pose or do something totally weird! One again I was up to my knees in water, holding my camera and quickly jumping up before the waves got me!  I loved having waves at this trash-the-dress session because they provided so much movement in the images! We almost got taken out by a few big ones but it all worked out and was totally worth it! Take a look at some of my favorites!!


Allen and Ashley, you rock! You just made my day when you said you would get in that cold water! Enjoy your money shot!!:)

Oh work it girl! Ashley is a photographer herself and so she knows how to pose! My job was so easy!

OHH I love the water! Aren’t those colors awesome?!

Random seagull… I paid him to do that.

Oh hello beautiful!

Money shot!!!! I almost got soaked!


Hope you enjoyed those! Let me know what you think!

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