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…this summer’s theme is HOTT. Just plain HOTT! Sunday, as I was driving to the Founder’s Inn, I looked at my thermometer in my car and it hit the triple digits. As I sat on 64, I slouched in my seat and prayed 1. That my car would make it! (I don’t understand how they run in 100+ degree weather sometimes) and 2. That I would survive this outdoor ceremony and that the guests would too! Well, I arrived and was informed that everything had been moved inside because of the intolerable heat wave! woohoo! I was so relieved! Although Karynne had dreamed of an outdoor garden wedding, having it indoors was such a smart decision! …. and it was still gorgeous! Josh and Karynne have one of the most interesting stories! When we met …

…for engagements, they explained to me that they were already married!!!  Wait, what?…They explained to me that because of military reasons and timing and job locations and school…all of these different reasons, it just made sense for them to be married last July! July 4th to be exact!  However, they were married in their family’s backyard and never had the oppurtunity to celebrate with family and friends like they had always wished they could. So! They got married again!! I loved it! It was so neat to see family and friends so ready to celebrate this new marriage,… even though it isn’t 100% new! Josh and Karynne were glowing and you could tell that they had been waiting for this day! Celebrating with those that love you is such a huge part of getting married and I am so thrilled that Josh and Karynne got a chance to experience that!


I loved this wedding and I apologize in advance for having a long post!! Josh and Karynne, you two are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be there to celebrate along side of you! Best wishes!!!


I was loving her lace dress!! Can you tell?!

We had a mini-bridal session!

Can’t forget the boys!


We could only stay outside for like 10 minutes at a time because of the heat! Josh, you’re the man! …Wearing a suit in 106 degrees and still looking cool! That takes talent!

ohhh light!

Look at that crazy lens flare! Weird!

These two were so excited about their portraits!! It made me happy!!

I lied earlier, this is my favorite!

First dance! I love first dances… I love everything about weddings! I love my job! Hope you enjoyed these!

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