• 10.10.10 Thank You's

many “thank yous” to be shared already for 10-10-10! From the parking team to the “ice-getter”… I’m blown away at how many people are coming together to make this day possible! Michael and I are so so thankful for all that everyone is doing! But today, I’m specifically thanking Corey… the best little brother a girl could ask for! Corey and Daddy have been spending every free minute they have working on the house, the yard and doing crazy projects that I come up with.  Just last week I decided that we were going to hang a canvas cluster of our engagement pictures on the side of the HOUSE! ….. Crazy.

But Daddy just laughed a little and returned that night with screws and hooks to make my idea possible.  During the summer I mentioned stringing patio lights over the WHOLE patio for the reception… once again, Daddy and Corey laughed and rolled their eyes… and then made it happen. They’re so good to me and I love them! I especially appreciate Corey because he was the one that got drafted to climb the roof this past weekend!! What a good guy! Such a little man:)  He never EVER complained as I asked him to moved each strand “a little to the left.. no, no I meant the other left,….oops I meant right! Move it to the right”….. did I mention he also has a TON of patience as well??  He’s the best and I love him!  (I’m also extremely proud of him!… Corey just turned 16 in May and almost has his Pilot’s License… as in, my brother can fly airplanes, by himself… NO BIG DEAL.  He’s awesome  and I like bragging about him:)


So Buddy, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for the wedding!!  I LOVE you and I’m so thankful for you! You’re going to be the best BEST MAN ever!

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