The Ten Minute Office

  • The Ten Minute Office

One day… one day I will have a REAL office! I will have a real desk with real drawers for client files, a wall for inspiration, large canvases EVERYWHERE, a sitting area with a plasma to meet with couples and you’ll never guess what color the walls are going to be! ….. TEAL! Who knew?! Yes, they will be teal and one will have teal wall paper that has the same design as the back of the blog. The trim and crown molding at the ceiling will be white to match all of the thick, white frames that are all over the room. It’s going to be a dream! But for now, once again, I have a temporary office in the hall way.


Since I am now a college grad, I have moved from school to home until the wedding! I promised myself 3 things.  I am going to get on a NORMAL sleeping schedule, I am going to practice my cooking skills for the family and I am NOT going to have a computer right next to my bed. (I have only completed one of those goals!) You see, since Inspired Designs first started, It has literally been at the foot of my bed. I wake up and my imac calls my name…. sometimes literally! (If you have a mac, you understand!) It’s so unhealthy and when I’m married, there is no way I’m having my office in my bedroom! So I decided that no matter what, I will make my office somewhere outside of my room this summer. Unfortunately, all of the extra space in the house is full of my junk from college and wedding decor so the only place to set up shop is literally outside my room in the hallway!


I returned home from CA at 9am on Wednesday. Without much sleep, I shot a session in Ashland and then came home to start organizing my life. I moved boxes and unpacked trashbags full of shoes. This process seems like it will never end. I decided that my number one goal before bed was to set up my office and so at 4am, I made it happen. After clearing the space, the process took about ten minutes (imacs are so easy to set up!!!). Here is a before and after of the ten minute office makeover!

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