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and we were nervous. Very nervous! In just one hour, Mike and Amanda would promise to love each other forever on the beautiful beaches of Nags Head but the black and green clouds were looming in the distance. There was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 20 minutes before the ceremony time and we were nervous. Very nervous. The bridesmaids and I closed the blinds so Amanda couldn’t see the darkness rolling in as she got her hair done. We joked and laughed, trying to cover up the sounds of the thunder.  Then the rains came. Torrential rain.  Mike wasn’t allowed to see Amanda but he kept sending messages up from downstairs, reminding her that they were getting married and beginning their…

… life together and really, nothing else mattered.  Amanda would smile and tear up and then wrinkle her nose and laugh. She felt the same way. No storm could blow away their dreams of being husband and wife.  20 minutes before the ceremony, the skies cleared and the guests arrived. Mike and Amanda’s beach ceremony was going to happen and everyone was so relieved! Amanda took a deep breath and headed out of the house to go marry the love of her life.  She met him on the beach, surrounded by close family and friends and they promised to be best friends… forever.  Of course, this was nothing new for them, they have been best friends for a while now. They share everything and while doing their portraits, I heard Amanda ask him (in a totally “amanda” way), “Do you like my dress?! My Hair?! Oh we have so much to talk about later!!!” He adores her and I have no doubt in my mind that after the wedding day, Mike sat with her and talked about her dress and her hair and enjoyed every minute of it. He just loves being with her, protecting her and loving her.


After Mike and Amanda’s engagement session, I couldn’t wait until their big day! They love each other so naturally and freely and that makes my job so easy! Enjoy some of my absolute favorites from their wedding!


The skies before the ceremony! ah!!! But hey, the storm left some awesome dark blue clouds behind which made their portraits awesome!

How cute is she?!

Cutest. Cake. Ever!

Grandpas are so cute!

There he is! … watching his bride come down the aisle!


Love them!

One of my favs!

Ok, so I have this thing with vertical shots… I don’t like them.  I don’t know what, but I have never liked vertical pictures as much as horizontal ones! haha So I hardly EVER post single vertical shots….expect for good ones. This one deserves to be posted by itself! It’s actually a favorite!! I can’t believe a vertical shot is a favorite!

I hope you enjoyed these! Leave Mike and Amanda some comment love and tell them how beautiful they are! I seriously love this couple to death and I couldn’t be happier for them! Congrats you two!!

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