Comparison Kills

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if I’ve ever admitted this or not… but I’m a HORRIBLE comparer-er. I compare my work, my business and my life to others CONSTANTLY and it’s probably the most UNHEALTHY, destructive and discouraging habit EVER!! Why do I let myself think like that?! It’s like I’m using other’s accomplishments as a scale to find out if I’m really doing ENOUGH. The thoughts creep into my head that say “Well she has KIDS… and she’s doing more than I am!”…. and “They’re doing WHAT?! I should have thought of that!” and “How many fans do they have on facebook?!”….. EW. GROSS. Comparison is just down right NASTY. It’s disgusting

how we minimize our own achievements just based on what others are doing in their businesses. So many times I am guilty of this and I know I’m not alone. Today Michael and I are leaving to meet up with friends and then spend a night away with our puppy. No computer, no editing, no blogging, no blog stat checking….ok maybe a few instagrams… but that’s it! I’m not working for two days and I’m excited!  It’s not healthy to spend every day trying to be an over achiever. Trying to conqueror a daily to-do list is a great goal but sometimes you just need a break from it all.


If this strikes a chord with you and you totally understand what it feels like to be in a constant state of comparison….decide today to stop it.  I’m serious. Comparison is only going to make you grow SLOWER. It’s a constant battle for me but I’m reminded over and over again that when I stop comparing myself to others… that’s when the GOOD IDEAS come floating into my mind! When I stop looking at other people’s accomplishments, I start noticing how grateful I should be for where I am.  And when I stop TRYING to be an over achiever… that’s when I get the most accomplished.


So there are some thoughts to chew on this weekend!!:) Happy Friday everyone!!

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