The Kirtner Family

  • The Kirtner Family

I know what you did. You saw how good looking this family is and scrolled right to the pictures first! That’s ok. I would do the same. They are one cute family and I couldn’t love them more. Kim and Patrick have known me and have been a part of my life since I was little. I remember my sister and I spending the night at their house in Elementary school and going shopping. Emy bought a toy gun and I bought platinum blue fingernail polish! (If you know us, you realize that describes our personalities perfectly.) haha

Well, 11 years down the road, we still love them just as much but I think we may be a little more attached to them because we adore their children! Meleah and Reed have got to be some of the cutest kids ever. Look at them! They should be on posters at “The Children’s Place” and “Baby Gap”. They’re so sweet and I’m glad I got to snap a few pics of them the other evening. We seriously took these in a matter of 10 minutes! Enjoy my favorites!!

We took these pics at the cutest little house in Bowling Green.  Deborah Howard from “White Deer Designs” has totally turned this little old house into a quaint little cottage! Oh I loved her porch! If you are interested in interior decorating/ redesigning spaces, give her a call! (804-633-0315)

While we are on the topic of promoting other businesses, I’ll explain why we chose this house and what project was behind all of this in the first place! SympathyFoods is a business founded my David Storke of Storke Funeral Home and it is such a neat idea.  Instead of sending flowers to your loved ones, through SympathyFoods partnering with your funeral home, you can send them a meal instead.  It’s a great concept. Be sure to check out the site! The site actually needed a little promotional image and so we chose the Kirtners to be our model family! Here’s a clip from the site.

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