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When I first saw the commercials I was a doubter. What in the world was this thing?! NO ONE needs this! I’m a huge Apple fan…. or fanatic, both are fitting. I will sing Apple’s praises to the moon and back because their products make my life so much easier (and cooler).  However, I seriously doubted this new member of the Apple family was worth it.  Why spend money on this thing that really did everything an ipod, nook, and laptop combined could accomplish?


Weeks went by and my feelings hadn’t changed. I still thought it was a waste but of course, Michael was hooked. You see, my fiance’ has this gadget fetish and if it has the outline of an Apple on the back of it, it’s even better.  Michael fell in love with the ipad since he read about it on  … yes, he reads about mac rumors in his spare time, I still love him. He started raving about them and once they were in the stores, he made me go play with one. He showed me all that it could do and how crisp the display was. He showed me how you can play the piano, check email ANYWHERE, make slide-shows, read magazines, pick recipes and form automatic shopping lists, play chess, pick any book from your library and read it, highlight it, and even look up unknown words in the dictionary…. all with one click. Michael was more than hooked… he was obsessed.  Little did he know that his was already in the mail. He had NO IDEA.  Between My family, Michael’s family, and a little help from our friend JR, we bought him the new 3G ipad and must admit, it’s the epitome of AWESOME.


Michael had shown me the episode of Modern Family where the dad gets an ipad on his birthday .  On the show they gave it to him with a cake on the screen and all he had to do was blow on it to blow out the candles…. crazy, I know. So that’s how we gave it too him and here’s the video!

You can play the piano…my personal favorite app.

Free magazines!

Watching your favorite TV shows has never been easier! (I could do a commercial so easily!)

ooohh, the Library!

Last but not least, the blog looks awesome on it!

Michael I love you! I’m glad I FINALLY surprised you with something! It was so much fun and yet so hard at the same time! Happy 24th Birthday!!!

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